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Oct 27, 2012 12:00am EDT
with civil rights in this country. >> jimmy: that's true. like a double whammy. so, how did you resolve this situation? do you still eat at the chick-fil-a? >> i don't. i don't eat anymore but i have a friend who is gay, and i said, are you still going to eat chick-fil-a? and he was like, yeah, i don't care. [ laughter ] that is such an interesting commentary on america. that for some gay americans it's harder to find a delicious chicken sandwich than it is to find equality. because there's so much inequality in the quality of the chicken sandwiches in the fast food marketplace. some people may say hey, why doesn't he just get a burger king chicken sandwich? no, they are like civil unions and they are not the real thing. you need the real deal, aka gay marriage, aka chick-fil-a. >> jimmy: pickles and whole deal. >> that's the only reason there's a controversy, because it is delicious. that's the only reason anyone cares. no one would be talking about this if it was long john silver's. no one would care. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you're probably right. >> it's a nonissue. >> jimmy: you were
Oct 26, 2012 11:35pm EDT
are relative of the civil rights era, think again. hate groups in america have doubled in the past decade and it may surprise you who is among their ranks and what their agenda is. inside the new kkk. >> forward, march. >> reporter: in a forest grove not far from the nation's capital -- >> for god. >> for god. >> for country. >> for country. >> reporter: a group of men and women gather. >> for race. >> for race. >> for klan. >> for klan. >> reporter: and the lights fade, they enact a ritual over a century old, but is fresh and searing as the flame they ignite. >> klansmen, the fiery cross. >> reporter: a cross on fire. they. >> reporter: known as the invisible empire for a reason. they thrive in secrecy, almost never permitting outsiders access. who are they? >> i could be your neighborhood. you don't know who i am. you could think the world of me, but yet if you see me in this hood, your thoughts could change. >> i been a fireman. i've been in the navy. >> reporter:people wearing these robes walk among us. >> if you want to be in the klan, fight for the klan. i fight for it seven
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2